Love Metal Archives [Normal Edition, DVD]

Release Date: 14.04.2005

Labels' catalog numbers and other identificators:
Sony BMG - #82876813039, #82876685549
BMG - #82876685889
Jimmy Franks Recording Company - #B0007963-09
Barcode: 828768130391, 828766858891, 828766855494

01. When Love and Death Embrace [official muisic video]
02. Wicked Game (1996 Park Version) [official muisic video]
03. Wicked Game (German Version) [official muisic video]
04. Wicked Game (Razorblade Romance Version) [official muisic video]
05. Join Me in Death (Ice version) [official muisic video]
06. Right Here in My Arms [official muisic video]
07. Poison Girl [official muisic video]
08. Gone With the Sin [official muisic video]
09. Pretending [official muisic video]
10. In Joy and Sorrow [official muisic video]
11. Heartache Every Moment [official muisic video]
12. Buried Alive By Love [official muisic video]
13. The Funeral of Hearts [official muisic video]
14. The Sacrament [official muisic video]
15. Solitary Man [official muisic video]
16. And Love Said No [official muisic video]
17. Close to the Flame [official muisic video]
18. Wicked Game (Live, Viva Overdrive show, 1998)
19. Your Sweet Six Six Six (Live, Viva Overdrive show, 1998)
20. When Love and Death Embrace (Live, Viva Overdrive show, 1998)
21. Rebel Yell (Live, ProvinssiRock 1999) (Billy Idol cover)
22. Right Here in My Arms (Live, Arena Berlin, 2000)
23. Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart (Live, Arena Berlin, 2000)
24. Razorblade Kiss (Live, Arena Berlin, 2000)
25. Join Me in Death (Live, Arena Berlin, 2000)
26. Join Me in Death (Acoustic perfomance in Koln, 1999)
27. BMG - EPK 2000
28. Pretending (Live, Rock AM Ring, 2001)
29. In Joy and Sorrow (Live, Rock AM Ring, 2001)
30. Heartache Every Moment (Live, Rock AM Ring, 2001)
31. Lose You Tonight (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
32. Close to the Flame (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku, 2002)
33. Heartache Every Moment (Haggard cut)
34. Buried Alive By Love (Live, Semifinal, 2003)
35. The Funeral of Hearts (Live, Semifinal, 2003)
36. The Sacrament (Live, Maxidrom, Russia, 2003)
37. The Funeral of Hearts (Live, Maxidrom, Russia, 2003)
38. Sweet Pandemonium (Live, Lycabettus Theatre, 2003)
39. Love Metal Album Review
40. Your Sweet Six Six Six (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
41. It's All Tears (Drown in This Love) (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
42. Poison Girl (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
43. Solitary Man (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
44. Sweet Pandemonium (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
45. And Love Said No (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
46. Gone With the Sin (Live, Tavastia Club, 2003)
47. BMG - EPK 2003
48. Our Diabolikal Rapture (Live, Arena Berlin, 2000)
49. Hand of Doom (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku, 2002) (Black Sabbath cover)
50. The Making of The Funeral of Hearts
51. Beyond Redemption (Live, Record Release-Hamburg 2003)
52. Soul on Fire (Live, Record Release-Hamburg 2003)
53. This Fortress of Tears (Live, Record Release-Hamburg 2003)
54. Soul on Fire (Live, Semifinal 2003)
55. Stigmata Diaboli (Live, Turku, Caribia Hotel, 2002)
56. For You (Live, Turku, Caribia Hotel, 2002)

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Russian Release:

Scans by XTasy

Ukrain Release:

Photos by Оксана и Артем Клюевы

Europe Release:

Photos by Яна Барсегян (Yanich)

US Release: