24.06.2022On July 9, HIM AND VV ONLINE fan meeting!

9 июля встреча поклонников HIM И VV ONLINE!

The Russian fan community of the HIM group will hold a meeting of all fans in the broadcast format on July 9th. At 20:00 Moscow time we meet at the Join Me fan club page or at our website!

We will chat, watch videos and listen to music. Of course, there will be rare materials. The topics of the first stream will be published in separate posts, follow the news of the fan club and don't forget about the cherished bell "Turn on notifications" at the Join Me public. See you!

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  21.06.2022LOVE METAL PARTY 2022 took place on June 11

11 июня состоялась LOVE METAL PARTY 2022

Thanks to all members of the HIM fan club! We are glad that every time there are more and more of you, and finally in Russia there is a HIM fan club, which we plan to develop together with you!

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  18.05.2022Lineup of musicians VV / NEON NOIR Tour 2023

Состав музыкантов VV / NEON NOIR Tour 2023

Ville Valo revealed the names of the musicians who will go on tour with him (pictured from left to right): Mikko Virta (Guitar), VV (Vocals), Risto Rikala (Drums), Sampo Sundström (Guitar) and Juho Vehmanen (Bass).

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  18.05.2022LOVE METAL PARTY 2022


On June 11, we meet in St. Petersburg at the FIREBALL rock club at 30 Alpiyskiy pereulok. You hear the best hits: HIM, The 69 Eyes, The Rasmus, Charon, Sentenced and Poisonblack in a special Moscow band Dark Secret Love.

Tickets 👉🏻 https://spb.qtickets.events/39995-love-metal-party-2022.

Event 👉🏻 https://vk.com/event212989627.

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  16.05.2022Fan club meeting in Moscow 05/14/2022

Встреча фан-клуба в Москве 14.05.2022

On May 14, another meeting of the HIM fan club took place in Moscow! In full news you can find a short report and photos from the meeting.

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  26.04.2022Announcement of the Moscow fan club meeting

Анонс московской встречи фан-клуба

Moscow, hurry up to buy tickets!

May 14 fan club meeting in Moscow! We are coming to you with the St. Petersburg program, as always with additions and bonuses.

🖤 On the big screen we will watch Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 in cool quality and surround sound. All clips and live periods GLS, RR, DS&BH, LM and ALSN;

🖤 5 interactive activities for 5 periods of the group, for which we will give posters corresponding to each period;

🖤 A short tour of the Love Metal Archives editions;

🖤 We will set aside time for free communication at the request of the participants;

🖤By anonymous voting at the meeting, we will choose the best outfit corresponding to any of the 5 periods of the HIM group and give a VV shopper;

🖤 As a bonus, watch any other HIM and VV videos;

🖤 There will be a stand with CDs and merch at special prices;

🖤 Each visitor receives a fan club badge and a flyer as a souvenir. Each meeting has its own flyers. They can be collected. Like which true fan attended the most fan meetings and other activities.

Tickets can be purchased from Andrey. Write to PM! We will add you to the Moscow meeting chat.

And you can always see reports on how certain of our events went in our public!

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  09.04.2022VV - Loveletting (official video)

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  07.04.2022News from Ville Valo - new single, album, tour!

Ville Valo returns to rock music after a long break! Tomorrow we will hear a new song called Loveletting and see a video for it. And VV is going on tour in early 2023, in the video above you can see the tour advertisement and a list of dates and cities. And at the full post you can find a translation of a small Finnish press release and see a couple of new photos.


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  05.04.2022New VV music!

On April 8, Ville Valo will release a new release under the alias VV, but for now you can listen to a tiny piece of the new track (above) and look at the new photo (below):

Новая музыка от VV!

And we also resurrected an old VK-public dedicated to Ville Valo, subscribe so as not to miss any fresh news from the maestro :)

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  28.03.2022Love Metal Archives on a big screen

Love Metal Archives на большом экране

On April 16th, the Join Me fanclub will organize a HIM fan meeting again! Let's celebrate the past Heartagram Day and the birthday of the Love Metal album!

🖤 Dress code - Love Metal era. By anonymous voting at the meeting, we will choose the best outfit and give a VV shopper.

🖤 On the big screen we will watch Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 in cool quality and surround sound. All clips and Live periods GLS, RR, DS&BH, LM and ALSN.

🖤 There will be a booth with CDs and merch at special prices.

Limited number of seats! Tickets can be purchased at Fan Club PM.

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  18.02.2022We are giving away Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice!

Мы разыгрываем Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice!

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  14.02.2022HIM Lost Tapes Project - Part 1: Maxidrom 2003

HIM Lost Tapes Project - Часть 1: Maxidrom 2003

We are launching a permanent section "Lost Tapes", within which we will post digitizations of HIM concerts from video cassettes! A whole box of cassettes was snatched from the community HIM's Almanac and now we are trying to squeeze something worthwhile out of them.

And the cassette with the show "MAXIDROM 2003 Best Performances" was the first to go into business. Several HIM songs are now available to watch in better quality than is available on the internet. More surprises to come!

Well, if you have VHS rarities with HIM lying around in your bins, contact us!

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  08.02.2022Happy Birthday, Gas!

С Днем Рождения, Гас!

Today our fan club congratulates Mika Karppinen, also known as Gas Lipstik! HIM's hottest and sexiest drummer turns 51!

Gas' track record is impressive! Back in 1984, Lipstick drummed in the band Valvontakomissio, and later 10 years in the band Dementia. He played in the band Dischange, and also composed music, lyrics and played drums in the heavy metal band Kyyria. In 1999, Gas became the drummer for HIM, where he worked faithfully until 2015.

During his time at HIM, Gas worked on other projects in parallel. He participated in recording drums in a country project Jeff Walker Und Die Flüffers, recorded all drums for the band Eyes Of Eden in the album Faith, drummed on the whole album Roll Over! Play Dead! of the band Bendover, recorded two albums with the project To Separate The Flesh From The Bones and was noted at the band Kotipelto. And that's if we haven't missed anything :)

After leaving HIM, Gas released the album No Stars Upon The Bridge with Hallatar band, in which he still plays to this day. In 2018, Gas joined the superband We Sell The Dead, where we can see famous musicians from different countries. Together they released a full-length album Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full.

Also, together with Linde, they created band called Flat Earth, which released their debut album None For One. Gas also managed to make a feat with 616 and Bam Margera. Now Gas has created another band Solitude, where he already acts as a guitarist.

We wish Gas further creative success and releases! We invite everyone to congratulate Mr.Lipstick at the comments!

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  30.01.2022Tribute show and meeting of our fan club!

Трибьют-шоу и встреча нашего фан-клуба!

When the band you listen to no longer exists, but it has a well-established fan club 🤘🏻

In November, we organized a tribute show and our fan club meeting! Thanks everyone for participating! We are very happy that we managed to make a wonderful evening for the fans of the band! Live music, communication with like-minded people and, of course, unique HIM melodies. See you at the next meetings!

Organizers: Andrey Gaivoronsky and Alena Malinovskikh

Musicians: Dark Secret Love

More photos in full news

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  21.01.2022Ville Valo took part in the documentary "Then times have changed"

Вилле Вало принял участие в документальном фильме "Тогда времена изменились"

After the dissolution of HIM, Ville toured with the Agents and, you could say, lay low. In 2020, he surprised his fans by releasing three new solo tracks in English. He lived a quiet life and rarely gave interviews to the media.

In the documentary, Valo will talk about the mistakes he made in his career. About the incident backstage at the Tavastia club in Helsinki. Ville has not been open about his personal life in the media, but it is now known that he is dating Christel Karhu, who has a career in modeling.

The documentary premiered at the end of January at the Docpoint festival. The film tells the story of the legendary Tavastia concert in Helsinki.

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