16.06.2021HIM - Live In Toronto 2007

Recently, Heartagram Team has been teasing fans around the globe with all these mysterious clips. We also decided to take the baton, and release something cool for the community! So without further ado, enjoy this legendary "Live In Toronto 2007" live-recording!

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  13.06.2021Michael Monroe, Sami Yaffa & Linde Lindstrom - Live at Allas Sea Pool 2021

This Saturday, June 12, Michael Monroe teamed up with Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks) and our dear Linde Lindström to play an hour and a half gig at Allas Sea Pool! The set mainly consisted of songs by Michael Monroe, as well as covers of Hanoi Rocks, The Lollipops, The Grass Roots and others. One of the encore songs was Iggy Pop's "Brick by Brick" (we have no doubt that it was chosen by Linde). The full setlist can be viewed at setlist.fm.

By the way, this is not the first time that Linde played together with Michael Monroe on the same stage, the last performance was in November last year.

We also remind you that on July 25, the gig broadcast in Tampere, which has already been postponed several times, should take place. The event page on facebook is here. Besides that, on May 27, the musicians, without any special announcements broadcast their performance " LIVE AND ALIVE!".

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  12.06.2021Kerrang!: The 20 greatest HIM songs – ranked

Kerrang!: The 20 greatest HIM songs – ranked

A couple of days ago, Kerrang! Publishing released an entertaining material, in which she compiled a list of the greatest songs of HIM. Notably, no songs from the album "Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice" are featured there. You can get acquainted with the material at the link:

P.S. In the full news you will find information about a cooler and chosen by the fans top-list, which we worked on in collaboration with HIM's Almanac!

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  11.06.2021Sami Yaffa - The Last Time (feat. Linde & Burton)

Linde and Burton participated in the music video for Sami Yaffa's (ex-Hanoi Rocks) song "The Last Time". It is noteworthy that the guys did not take part in the recording of the song.

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  08.06.2021SaintScream' HIM Tour Archive

SaintScream' HIM Tour Archive

"Do you know your history, people?" - once asked Ville Valo at the Download Festival 2005, introducing the revisited version of Your Sweet 616. So we, having once again heard these words, decided that history should not only be known, but also preserved!

As you already know, at the beginning of the year, we worked hard to finalize the site. Improved design, updated sections of LM Archives, Library, Tour, rare videos on the YouTube channel - SaintScream has become something of a monument to the once-existing band HIM, which we are very proud of.

At the moment, we are finishing perhaps the most complete and accurate list of concerts for the entire existence of the Finnish quintet...Read more.

UPD 13.06: Tour Archive is done. Feel free to use!

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  20.04.2021Agents - Laulava Sydan: reissue on vinyl

Agents - Laulava Sydän: переиздание на виниле

An interesting vinyl reissue was found by us in the Finnish music store recordshopx.com, namely the album of the group Agents - Laulava Sydän. We remind you that this album includes three songs with Ville Valo on vocals, the CD with this album is in our database. The release will take place on July 16 this year on double black and double blue vinyl. Excluding delivery, the edition in black will cost you 34 euros, and in blue - 36. We leave links to pre-order below:

Black vinyl.

Blue vinyl.

An excellent purchase for vinyl lovers!

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  06.03.2021SaintScream Website Design v.3.5.0

SaintScream Website Design v.3.5.0

Dear SaintScream readers! We are happy to announce, that we finished substantial upgrade of the third website design version! This time we decide not to re-build everything from the zero, but improve the existing variant. And we did it pretty good! Website became more user-friendly and lost all the bugs! Everythings are in the same style, but works much better and comfortable.

For those, who are really interested in what exactly we did - please, welcome to the full news. There you will find all the details of the work done, as well as images of old versions of the site as a bonus :)

By the way, today our site is exactly 10 years old🎉! From all our admins, we say thank you very much for being with us all this time! Thanks everyone!

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  14.02.2021Cinderella Valentine featuring Bam Margera and Gas Lipstick

Cinderella Valentine (при участии Бэма Марджеры и Гаса Липстика)

Happy Valentine's Day from the HIM impersonator project 616, which is produced by the famous Bam Margera! Today they finally officially released their new single, Cinderella Valentine, featuring ex-HIM drummer Gas Lipstick (he recorded drums for this song, of course). The announcement of this track took place already back in 2019.

Listen on Yandex.Music, iTunes, spotify, etc. Check it!

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  13.01.2021HIM: Covers - a selection of fan covers by SaintScream!

On Old New Year's Eve (Russian traditional holiday), we decided to recall one of our wonderful columns, in which we posted various fan covers of HIM (and also released 3 cool cool compilations Tribute To HIM!). This time we have collected 7 different variations on everyone's favorite songs!

And this is not a joke, in the full news, in addition to the Power-Metal version of Gone With The Sin, you will find the Symphonic-Metal version of The Sacrament, very sensual acoustic Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, Beautiful and In Joy And Sorrow, and also 2 last year's covers of Join Me In Death - classic rock and Deep House versions!

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  31.12.2020HIM - Strange World (Live at Helldone 2012) - video by John Wins

Traditional New Year's greetings from our good friends 721 STUDIOS - Strange World performance at Helldone 2012! Enjoy video and Happy New Year 2021!

Watch the other videos by John Wins:

- Live at Helldone MMXIII

- No Love

- Like St. Valentine

- I Will Be The End Of You

- Hearts at War

- Katherine Wheel

- Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

Don't forget to subscribe to HIMBRASILTV and John Wins

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  25.11.2020Hanoi Rocks feat. Linde - live stream

Hanoi Rocks feat. Linde - онлайн-стрим концерта

On December 4, in the Finnish city of Tampere, the legendary Hanoi Rocks (with Michael Monroe and Sami Jaffa) and specially invited guitarist Linde Lindström will perform together. The concert will be broadcast online, everyone can watch the show for 9.90 euros. Beginning at 21:00 Moscow time. You can buy tickets by link. And here is facebook event.

UPD: Due to the pandemic, the event was postponed to May 15, 2021!

UPD: The event was postponed again, to July 25, 2021!

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  17.06.20209 years of HIM PROJECT: broadcast and discographies' updates!

9 лет проекту HIM PROJECT: стрим и обновления раздач!

The HIM Project has been around for 9 years. During this time, we opened to the Internet previously unreleased material from the group, rare bi-sides, demos, live and much more. Thanks to our ambitions, a lot of time, finances and tremendous work, we were able to embrace the immense and release the unreleased!

This year is special for us, because This time we did a lot!

In full post you can check information about our discographies' updates, as well as the announcement of a special stream with special material, do not miss! Read more...

UPD: you can listen and download tracks from stream by this link.

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  11.06.2020Premiere of the new Flat Earth song - Neverhappy

Premiere of the new song by Flat Earth band! Digital single - tomorrow on all platforms.

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  28.04.2020Flat Earth - live broadcast from Tavastia club

1 May 2020 Flat Earth will do a live stream from the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki, Finland. The stream will be broadcasted on the Flat Earth official YouTube channel. The stream will start 21:00 Helsinki time (EET). Enjoy, let's watch together!


01. None For One

02. Subhuman

03. Draining by Your Flame

04. Cyanide

05. Blame

06. School

07. Blunt

UPD: we added a record of the gig. The show lasted 35 minutes.

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  20.03.2020VV - Gothica Fennica Vol. 1

It is unlikely that something more cool will happen to you today than this news. Yes, you heard right, this is the voice of Ville Valo, who quietly released a solo single tonight !!! Even an entire EP called Gothica Fennica Vol. 1, with three new songs. The release has so far only been released in digital on all sorts of digital platforms, but perhaps some physical medium will come out, we keep in touch. The songs are great, they sound like the HIM era of Tears on Tape, run to listen! By the way, the tracks are: "Salute The Sanguine", "Run Away From The Sun" and "Saturnine Saturnalia". And the name EP as it alludes to a speedy supplement;) So we enjoy the new music and look forward to the continuation of the banquet!

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