05.06.2024New vinyl rips of HIM и VV

Новые виниловые рипы HIM и VV

We have great news for audiophiles! At the end of December last year, we sent a pack of vinyls from personal collections for ripping to the main vinyl specialist, the author and permanent host of the YouTube channel Valeron's Vinyl Channel VVC. And finally, this global work is done, and you can download and listen to these fresh super-quality rips in FLAC format from our records! Below are links to rutracker distributions:

- VV - Neon Noir (2023) [#4570044] 2.16 GB

- Ville Valo - Olet mun kaikuluotain (2016) [#LRS 4000] 268.96 MB

- HIM - Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 (25th Anniversary Edition, Remastered) (2022) [#19439982221] 1.71 GB

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  04.06.2024New Neon Noir stream on June 21!

Новый стрим Neon Noir 21 июня!

On June 21, the long-awaited stream will take place!

The Neon Noir album presentation tour has ended and we can sum up the results live:

💙 Let's see the best performances in 2 years and thus listen to the entire album in live format.

Andrey will show you all the versions of the album, from the first CD version to the limited edition red double vinyl.

💛 Among the viewers of the stream, a HIM CD will be randomly raffled off as a gift.

The stream will take place on June 21 at 20: 00 Moscow time on the wall of our public Join Me!

See you all who couldn't attend the offline meetings in St. Petersburg and Moscow. And with those who could 😉

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  31.05.2024Neon Noir Tour 2024. London. Royal Albert Hall

Neon Noir Tour 2024. Лондон. Royal Albert Hall

On May 10, the famous Royal Albert Hall in London opened its doors to fans of VV and HIM, because it was on this evening that the Neon Noir Tour 2024 triumphantly ended! To learn more about this momentous event in the history of Ville Valo's work, watch infull news!

And here we have other equally excellent reports Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

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  30.05.2024Andrey's interview for Helsingin Sanomat!

Интервью Андрея для Helsingin Sanomat!

Andrey's interview for Helsingin Sanomat 🇷🇺❤🇫🇮 in Russian. Original on the site Hesinhgin Sanomat. Read more....

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  27.05.2024Neon Noir Tour 2024. Europe. Part 3

Neon Noir Tour 2024. Европа. Часть 3

Another recent report on the last Neon Noir Tour 2024 in Europe! Looking for photos and videos from concerts in full news! And here we have Part 1 and Part 2!

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  23.05.2024We will meet you in Moscow on May 31!

31 мая встречаемся в Москве!

On May 31 at 20: 00 there will be a meeting of our fan club in Moscow! A unique video series with rare concert numbers on the big screen. Each video was remounted in a special way, and the audio was superimposed on top of previously unpublished recordings from concerts.

This way, fans will get to see a unique, nonexistent HIM concert featuring tracks that have never been performed live before. As always, there will be exclusive keepsakes 😉 Meeting in this format has become our good tradition!

❗ You can book a place for yourself and throw in a loft in our public Join Me.

*refund of funds is made in case of cancellation of the event in full.

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  21.05.2024Join Me admin interview for Helsingin Sanomat!

Интервью админа Join Me для Helsingin Sanomat!

Today Andrey gave an interview to the largest publication in Finland and Northern Europe — Helsingin Sanomat! This is a big event for our fan club!

It was about our fan club and fans from Russia in general. This interview will be published later, and we will definitely post it here.

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  18.05.2024Neon Noir Tour 2024. Europe. Part 2

Neon Noir Tour 2024. Европа. Часть 2

We continue traveling with Ville Valo and Neon Noir Tour around Europe! The new photo and video report is here! And the previous part is here!

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  01.05.2024Neon Noir Tour 2024. Europe. Part 1

Neon Noir Tour 2024. Европа. Часть 1

This April has been hot! Ville Valo traveled the towns and villages of Europe with a massive new Neon Noir tour! You'll find all the goodies as always in full news. Continued right here: Neon Noir Tour 2024. Europe. Part 2

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  03.04.2024Neon Noir Tour 2024. Australian tour

Neon Noir Tour 2024. Австралия и Новая Зеландия

The first month of spring marks the return of Ville Valo to the stage and the continuation of the Neon Noir Tour! Four vibrant shows in Australia and New Zealand are already waiting for you in full news

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  10.02.2024Festive stream in honor of Heartagram Day!

🔥 Russia HIM&VV Street Team invites everyone to celebrate Heartagram Day!

Heartagram Day is a significant and symbolic day for fans of the HIM group. Every year the fandom celebrates this holiday live.

The guests of the stream will be the owners of the largest number of fan club flyers, i.e. the most active fans of the past year and more!

❗ Let's meet on February 10 at 19:00 Moscow time in our group Join me on the stream in honor of Heartagram Day! Don't forget to put the bell on the Join Me page so you don't miss anything!

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  07.01.2024Neon Noir Tour. HELLDONE 2023

Neon Noir Tour. HELLDONE 2023

Helldone is back! The last three days of 2023 were very hot in Finland's music mecca, Tavastia club. See how the lucky ones welcomed the New Year 2024 with VV full news!

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  25.12.2023Neon Noir Tour. South America. Part 2

Neon Noir Tour. Южная Америка. Часть 2

The second part of the South America tour report! The first part is here: Neon Noir Tour. South America. Part 1

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  25.12.2023Neon Noir Tour. South America. Part 1

Neon Noir Tour. Южная Америка. Часть 1

The end of 2023 is approaching! It's time to wrap things up and summarize the results, that's why we prepared the final report this year - a selection of photos and videos from VV's South American tour! As they say, we've left the most delicious things for you for dessert! All the most beautiful things we have left for you to see in the full news!

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  25.12.2023HIM - Into The Night (Unofficial Video)

Our friend John Wins wishes all Catholics a Merry Christmas, and everyone else a Happy New Year with his new video!

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