20.03.2023Neon Noir Tour. UK part

Neon Noir Tour. Великобритания

VV finished the European part of the tour with several concerts in the misty islands of Great Britain. Bristol, Nottingham, Scottish Glasgow, Manchester and of course London! As the Brits welcomed VV run along and watch in our report!

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  12.03.2023Neon Noir Tour. Europe. Part 4

Neon Noir Tour. Европа. Часть 4

Big report about VV concerts in Europe! We have Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg and France next! You can see all the most interesting stuff in full news

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  01.03.2023Neon Noir Tour. Europe. Part 3

Neon Noir Tour. Европа. Часть 3

And we continue to travel the world with VV! This week we've been to Switzerland, Spain and Portugal! Photos and videos from the shows beforehand here

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  23.02.2023Neon Noir Tour. Europe. Part 2

Neon Noir Tour. Европа. Часть 2

The Neon Noir Tour continues in full swing! In the last week Ville Valo managed to visit Germany and Netherlands. We've prepared for you the traditional photo and video report, which you can see here

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  18.02.2023Neon Noir Tour. Europe. Part 1

Neon Noir Tour. Европа. Часть 1

On Valentine's Day, Ville Valo returns and bursts into Warsaw with his concert to steal our hearts! You can enjoy how the first concerts of the European part of the tour in Poland and the Czech Republic went in our photo and video report

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  01.02.2023Let's celebrate Heartagram Day!

Отмечаем Heartagram Day!

On February 11, we invite everyone to a Heartagram Day celebration broadcast!

Original videos, favorite music and live chatting! Everyone is welcome on the HIM Join Me page on Saturday at 8:00 pm Moscow time. The guests on the stream will be the band's most active fans from the past year.

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  21.01.2023Razorblade Romance Album Release Stream

Стрим в честь выхода альбома Razorblade Romance

On January 24th 2000 HIM officially released one of their most successful albums! On this occasion the fan club organizes an online meeting in a streaming format!"

💕 You're always waiting for the author of the album.

💕 As always, you'll be treated to an original video by admin Join Me.


💕 The guest of the stream will be Evgeny Abramenko, creator of the first HIM's public on VK.

💕 The show will feature some very rare restored recordings from that time.

💕 During the conversation familiar to many colored Razorbladе Romance vinyls will play in the background.

💕 The stream will show what Razorblad's are like - from DEMOs in cardboard packaging to American Bam editions.

The entire focus of the stream will be on the album, but the guest will not be random either. You'll hear the funny, sad and sometimes unbelievable stories the admins encounter.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening of January 25 at 8 p.m. MSC on the Join Me Fan Club page

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  18.01.2023The eleventh HIM fan club meeting took place on January 13

Thank you all for participating! Announcement of the next fans meeting of HIM and VV very soon! Join us🖤

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  16.01.2023Neon Noir Tour. Start of the VV tour in Tavastia, Helsinki. 13-15.01.23

Neon Noir Tour. Начало тура VV в Tavastia, Хельсинки. 13-15.01.23

On January 13, the day of the release of Ville Valo's solo album, the Neon Noir Tour also started. Tavastia, the musical mecca of Finland, hosted three concerts in a row. The audience was delighted! We have collected for you a selection of photos and videos from the performances, which can be found in full news

P.S.: Our good old friend John Wins attended the shows and wrote a report for Chaoszine.net. You can read it here. Enjoy!

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  13.01.2023New video VV - Neon Noir

The premiere of the new video VV - Neon Noir. Enjoy!

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  10.01.2023Fan club meeting in Moscow

Встреча фан-клуба в Москве

On Friday, January 13th, the next meeting of the HIM and VV fan clubs will take place in Moscow!

The program will be based on a unique video sequence with previously unpublished live versions of your favorite songs. The editing was done in such a way that you literally feel like you are in a concert hall. Of course, the highlight of the program will be new hits from VV and other goodies! At the meeting, a new album will be raffled among the participants. You can reserve a place for yourself in the PM of our Join Me public!

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  07.01.2023Love, The Hardest Way (Live Video) - New year's video by John Wins!

Fresh live video from our video maker and friend John Wins! We wish everyone a Happy New Year and merry Christmas!

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  09.12.2022Trippin' Da SHT-Hole: The Worst of SHTRMXS 2012-2022

10 YEARS SHTRMXS is just a crazy date for a project of this format, but we couldn't pass by such a special event:) Today we're releasing the best remix compilation "TRIPPIN' DA SHT-HOLE: THE WORST OF SHTRMXS 2012-2022", which includes the brand new single "RIHT-HEA-IN-DA-ASS" (premiered here!), the classic "HARCHEIK", time-tested hits and our favorites.

The release's highlight is the booklet, which has collected a lot of interesting things - the tracks' background, discography, photos with SHTRMXS fans and much, much more! Mastering was done by Finnish sound engineer and talented bastard Doktor Aßtripe (yes, YOU CAN LISTEN to SHTRMXS now!). You can listen to the masterpiece on: YouTube, Bandcamp (Warning! There's a very cool booklet inside) and SoundCloud (VPN required!). As a bonus, besides the compilation, we're releasing a remaster of the finalized live album "LIVE AT BUTT-OUT FESTIVAL 2015", and, for the most inquisitive, we left some Easter eggs))

P.S.: Next year, in April, we're releasing the SHTRMXS anniversary editions, also fully remastered. The releases will be no less special than today's) Stay tuned!

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  08.12.2022Fan video Dark Light

Video from our stream by HIM Join Me admin Andrey, enjoy!

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  02.12.2022Fan club meeting in St. Petersburg

Встреча фан-клуба в Санкт-Петербурге

On December 10, a meeting of the HIM fan club will take place in St. Petersburg!

Can you imagine that HIM didn't break up, and another HellDone is waiting for you at the end of the year? Not? Then we invite you to do so!

Exclusive video sequence with live, previously unpublished live tracks, HIM show on the big screen with a unique track listing and visual! We invite everyone to a cozy place in the city center! You can bring food and drinks with you. There is a bar inside. Start at 19:00.

You can reserve a place for yourself by writing to the fan club PM 👉🏻 https://vk.com/himjoinme

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