15.09.2014Lashes to Ashes, Lust to Dust - exclusive bundles by The End Records

Lashes to Ashes, Lust to Dust - эксклюзивные наборы от The End Records!

Finally, something happened that all have been waiting for! Announced details of reprints from the American label The End Records and launched a pre-order. There is a huge number of the most diverse set of CDs and vinyls with a bunch of bonus music material. Below you will find a description of sets with prices tracklists and photo releases, as well as links to pre-order. Release date - 23 December for physical copies and 15 December for digital. Hurry to order, copies are limited!

Types and content of the bundles

Tracklists of bonus CDs and vinyls

Summary 80 tracks. As we can see in the USB-drive tracklist, there will be an original and an alternate version of the song Love's Requiem. Will these tracks are included in the CD and vinyl or not is still unknown (possible tracks just forgot to include in the description of the CD and vinyl).

And one of bonuses for listening (HIM - Right Here In My Arms [ Live at El Teatro Flores BS.AS.MMXIV] ). Listen below:

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