18.08.2017Book «The American tour - seven weeks touring life» by Kimmo Aroluoma

Книга «Американский тур - семь недель гастрольной жизни» - перевод, часть 1

This is post with russian translation of the book. We are sorry, but we haven't english translation.

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     17.07.2017Overview of performance at the festival Miljoona Rock 2017

Обзор выступления на фестивале Miljoona Rock 2017

A few days ago in Tuuri (Finland) was another festival Miljoona Rock 2017, where HIM gave a great show. In full news you will find a selection of photos, videos and interviews with Ville Valo.

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     03.07.2017Overview of performance at the festival TUSKA 2017

Обзор выступления на фестивале TUSKA 2017

This weekend in Helsinki the metal festival Tuska 2017, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary, was held. HIM were invited as the headliner of the Saturday and gave a really bright and loud show. By tradition in full news you will find a selection of photos, videos and interview by Radio Rock Finland.

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     30.06.2017Book «The American tour - seven weeks touring life» by Kimmo Aroluoma

Книга «Американский тур - семь недель гастрольной жизни» от Киммо Аролуома

Good news! Kimmo Aroluoma, guitar technician with 12 years of experience and long-time friend Linda Lindström, has written a very interesting book «Jenkkirundi - Seitsemän viikkoa kiertue-elämää» (The American tour - seven weeks touring life) of the American tour Daniel Lioneye in 2011. Book will be released 1 September 2016. Unfortunately, the book is only in Finnish. You can order the book here.

Here you will find first chapter of the book (in finnish).

UPD: you can find PDF-version of book in our library. Thanks to Elena Molchanova for preparation of photos for pdf-file! Hurry up to fill your collection!

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     28.06.2017Overview of performances in Spain and Portugal

Обзор выступлений в Испании и Португалии

Two weeks had passed since the Farewell tour began, and HIM successfully played four concerts in hot Spain and Portugal. All the details, a set list and a small selection of photos and videos are in full news.

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     13.06.2017Promo teasers of HIM FAREWELL TOUR from HIMBRASIL TV

Well, tomorrow starts the Farewell tour of HIM (tomorrow the guys will give the first gig in Barcelona, Spain). And on this occasion our dear friend John Wins prepared an excellent promo-teaser of the upcoming tour! A little later John promises to share with a couple of cool videos (we will add these in full news), so stay tuned for news on our website or on the channel HIMBRASIL TV! In the same place you can find a lot more interesting content! Enjoy watching!

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     02.06.2017Debut video of Hallatar project

A new band Hallatar with Gas Lipstick (ex-drummer HIM) presented debut video for the single Mirrors. Enjoy!

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     21.04.2017Hallatar - new project featuring Gas Lipstick

Hallatar - новый проект с участием Гаса Липстика

Ex-drummer of HIM Gas continues his musical career. Together with members of Amorphis and Swallow The Sun, he created a project called Hallatar on Svart Records. Some details of the project we share in full post.


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     31.03.2017New instrumental track by Ville Valo

Ville Valo wrote the instrumental track for the virtual reality project Downward Spiral: Prologue, released today on Steam store. You can buy the game by link and listen to the song above in the video. The authors of the project promise to continue, so we will wait for new music from maestro!

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     06.03.2017Farewell, HIM

Прощай, HIM

We did not expect to hear that in the near future. But it happened. HIM complete his artistic career as a musical artist. Yesterday on the air of his radio show, Daniel P. Carter said this unexpected news:

download [15.72 Mb] (Count: 53)

In addition to the completion of HIM activity, it was also announced a farewell band tour, covering 14 countries and comprising a total of 35 live shows. Later will be added the concerts in the United States and Finland, and now you can get acquainted with the already announced dates and plan your farewell with the band by this link. Tickets will be available on 8 March.

Later on HIM official Facebook page appeared a press release about that, where Mr. Valo says:

"After quarter of a century of Love and Metal intertwined we sincerely feel HIM has run its unnatural course and adieus must be said in order to make way for sights, scents and sounds yet unexplored. We completed the pattern, solved the puzzle and turned the key. Thank you."

Thus, the Tears on Tape age became final in the history of our favorite band.

To say that we are saddened by this fact - it is to say nothing. But it happend, and it will have to just accept and move on. Ahead - a year of concerts, enjoy and stay with us!

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     14.02.2017SaintCast is back!

SaintCast возвращается!

In the name of Heartagram and Love: we will broadcasting again! Stream will going here, 18.02.2017, at 18-00 (MSK).

You can listen our streams with mobile devices by downloading special application (links below) and searching us by SaintCast name. Or use this link to listen from your PC.

SaintCast возвращается! SaintCast возвращается!
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     27.01.2017HIM Chronicles. Part Two

Хроники HIM. Часть вторая

German magazine Sonic Seducer announced the second part of HIM Chronicles project - a book dedicated to the group, with a bunch of photos, interviews and more other interesting things. As with the first book will be released only 499 copies in German. Released in May of this year, pre-orders can be made here. Price of the book 40 euros including shipping.

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     07.01.2017Slippery When Dead (Razorblade Romance Demos, 1998) [Remastered]

Great Unity called DiLDoS are prepared 4U goddess remasters of Slippery When Dead demos in a beautifull design on YouTube! Appreciate this godlike creation right now!

Remastered by MiLToS_666, designed & posted by Dima SaintScream.

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     29.12.2016Results of the year 2016

Итоги года 2016

Dear friends! The year ends, and as always, we regularly report on all the news related to our favorite band! That's just the news about HIM this year was not. But it was much more interesting in terms of members side projects. If you for some reason do not stay tuned, then you have a great opportunity to fill this gap from this post. Here we have collected important for the year, including with regards to our site. And within a traditional little surprise!


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     18.12.2016SHTRMXS RVSDMMXVI


December 18, 2016 we push final releases of SHTRMXS. Revised, full versions of "Calassic" project by HIM Project & TJ Production - legendary album, brand new EP and compilation of all singles. In a honor of that we prepare alot of material for our readers so you can understand PROPERLY what is SHTRMXS... Have a good reading!

What Is SHTRMXS | Track by Track with TJ & Dima | Review by HedgeHawok

Listen on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Download on BandCamp or SaintScream.

© 2012-2016 HIM Project & TJ Production for SaintScream.ru. All rights re-re-reserved.

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