01.12.2018Ville Valo and Agents. New tour.

Вилле Вало и Agents. Концертный тур.

Tour dates announced! All the details are waiting for you in full news

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     01.12.2018FLAT EARTH - News

FLAT EARTH - Новости

We have collected for you a small selection of news about the Flat Earth band - photos and videos from concerts, as well as recent interviews..

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     23.11.2018Ville Valo & Agents album release

Релиз альбома Вилле и Agents

Earlier we wrote about the revival of the Ville Valo & Agents project and published their new single Orpolapsi kiurun. And some great news about full length album: it will be released at 15 february 2019 on CD, black and blue vinyl LP and digital and will cotains 12 songs. At full post you can find more information, links to preorder, art-work and tracklisting.


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     22.11.2018HIM - Death Is In Love With Us (Live at Helldone MMXIII)

Live Video with the song "Death Is In Love With Us" by HIM taken from the album "Razorblade Romance". © 2013 Razor & Tie - DXX Records - Universal Music Germany - [Merlin] Essential Music and UMG.

DIILWU live at Helldone 2013 created and developed 721STUDIOS ® | HELLDONE MMXIII | HIM.

Unofficial video with footage of fans recorded at Helldone MMXIII. The sole intention of the video is to promote the band. Thanks to the owners of the videos.

Thumbnail Photo by: Al Morales | Art by: JW

HIM BRASIL Official Street Team:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HIMBRASIL

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HIMBRASIL

Official Site: http://www.HIMBRASIL.com.br

All Unofficial Videos by @JOHNWINS & @TCHAGOCAMINI21 | 721 STUDIOS ® 2013-2018.

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     12.11.2018FLAT EARTH - Given Time (Official Video)

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     22.09.2018Single's premiere of Ville Valo & Agents - Orpolapsi kiurun

Yesterday, September 21, the long-awaited premiere of the single Orpolapsi kiurun was held. Who has not yet had time to listen - press on play! And in full news you can find some details about the project, interview and new photos.

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     21.09.2018New Flat Earth single - Cyanide

While you are looking forward to the new video with Ville Valo, we suggest you listen to a new Flat Earth (feat. Linde and Gas) single - Cyanide.

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An another ex-member of HIM - Jukka Kosmo Kröger and an another project - Rytmihairio. All the details in full news.

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     14.09.2018FLAT EARTH


Hey there! We have prepared for you a selection of news about projects in which former members of the HIM are now involved. And although there is not much new material recently, we continue to keep our fingers on the pulse, and in the next couple of weeks we will tell and show all the latest news. The first in line is Flat Earth. View more in full news

UPD: in full news added cover, tracklist and pre-order link of new album None For One.

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The next project is Solju, in which at the moment Janne "Burton" Puurtinen is involved. All the most interesting about the group in full news

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     30.08.2018Ville Valo, Agents and Badding!

Вилле Вало, Agents и Badding!

Ville Valo is back! Today, the late, legendary Finnish singer Rauli ”Badding” Somerjoki would have turned 71. Unreleased Badding songs see the light of day in the hands of Ville Valo & Agents. The band Agents, led by guitar legend Esa Pulliainen and the frontman of the recently disbanded HIM, Ville Valo, have collaborated on songs written by Rauli ’Badding’ Somerjoki.


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     18.05.2018Flat Earth - new project feat. Linde and Gas

Enjoy debute video and first single of Flac Earth called Blame! There are Linde and Gas (HIM), and also Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis) and Anttoni "Anthony" Pikkarainen (Polanski) joined band. Now the band is conducting a fundraising campaign for first album, which will be recorded with the participation of a well-known Hiili Hiilesmaa. We wish the guys success!

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     10.04.201815 Years of HIM's "Love Metal" Broadcast

Празаднуем 15 лет альбому Love Metal!

This year's most famous album "Love Metal" turns 15! The big date makes the masterpiece of HIM even more monumental and, to all other things, it attaches due grandiosity.

Bypassing such an event is just impossible, therefore:

April 14 at 21:00 (Moscow time) will be a grandiose audio-video* Stream at SaintScream Youtube-channel**!

* A completely different format, unlike the previous streams. You'll like it ;)

** The chat will also be available, but on the YouTube platform (you need a google account, most likely you have it).

The idea belongs to HIM's Almanac!

UPD: Starting right now! Broadcast available below.

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     19.01.2018HIM is dead. Translation and Scans of Metal Hammer 12/2017

HIM is dead. Перевод и сканы Metal Hammer 12/2017

Translation in russian and scans: super sheldon

We're sorry, no translation in english :(

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     06.01.2018Helldone. The latest overview.

Helldone. Последний отчет.

The Helldone has enabled fans around the world to say goodbye to their favorite band and say "thank you" in their native land. Last week of 2017, the last Helldone and our last report.


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