18.05.2018Flat Earth - new project feat. Linde and Gas

Enjoy debute video and first single of Flac Earth called Blame! There are Linde and Gas (HIM), and also Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis) and Anttoni "Anthony" Pikkarainen (Polanski) joined band. Now the band is conducting a fundraising campaign for first album, which will be recorded with the participation of a well-known Hiili Hiilesmaa. We wish the guys success!

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     10.04.201815 Years of HIM's "Love Metal" Broadcast

Празаднуем 15 лет альбому Love Metal!

This year's most famous album "Love Metal" turns 15! The big date makes the masterpiece of HIM even more monumental and, to all other things, it attaches due grandiosity.

Bypassing such an event is just impossible, therefore:

April 14 at 21:00 (Moscow time) will be a grandiose audio-video* Stream at SaintScream Youtube-channel**!

* A completely different format, unlike the previous streams. You'll like it ;)

** The chat will also be available, but on the YouTube platform (you need a google account, most likely you have it).

The idea belongs to HIM's Almanac!

UPD: Starting right now! Broadcast available below.

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     19.01.2018HIM is dead. Translation and Scans of Metal Hammer 12/2017

HIM is dead. Перевод и сканы Metal Hammer 12/2017

Translation in russian and scans: super sheldon

We're sorry, no translation in english :(

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     06.01.2018Helldone. The latest overview.

Helldone. Последний отчет.

The Helldone has enabled fans around the world to say goodbye to their favorite band and say "thank you" in their native land. Last week of 2017, the last Helldone and our last report.


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     31.12.2017The final results

Финальные итоги

So, it's time to sum up the final results of our work! The year was quite productive, because we watched every concert of the HIM tour and painstakingly collected reviews of gigson the site and wrote news posts relating to the group or its former participants (hello, Gas's side projects!). We did not forget about the update of old sections - added all the books available in this library to our library and a bunch of releases to our database. We several times gathered on music streams, where our readers were pleased with exclusive material from their beloved band. And of course, we have enormously improved our youtube channel and elegantly updated the coolest HIM discography in mp3 and flac-formats!


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     24.12.2017Overview of performances in Europe. Part 2.

Обзор выступлений в Европе. Часть 2.

So the European part of the Farewell tour has come to an end. The group gave concluding concerts in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Great Britain. For a traditional photo and video report see in full news.

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     22.12.2017Celebrate the Farewell Broadcast

Прощальный стрим

On December 30, the day before the last day of the existence of HIM, we will hold a grandiose stream, covering all the epochs of the band, deliver unreleased tracks and present a couple of exclusives!

We are waiting for everybody on December 30 at 20:00 Moscow time.

You can listen our streams with mobile devices by downloading special application (links below) and searching us by SaintCast name. Or use this link to listen from your PC.

Прощальный стрим Прощальный стрим

UPD: tracks from broadcast you can get here.

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     20.12.2017We Sell The Dead - new band with Gas Lipstick

After releasing of debut album of the Hallatar project (we wrote about it - post 1, post 2 and post 3), ex-drummer HIM Gas Lipstick started work in a new project called We Sell The Dead.The band, in addition to Gas, included: Niclas Engelin (In Flames, Engel), Drömriket’s Jonas Slättung and Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, Firewind). You can watch and listen debut ban's single in top of the post. The first album of the project will be released on February 23, 2018 on the earMUSIC label and will be called Heaven Does not Want You And Hell Is Full. Already now you can pre-order album (CD, vinyl, digital) and follow band on twitter.

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     20.12.2017HIM Chronicles. Part Two

Хроники HIM. Часть вторая

German magazine Sonic Seducer announced the second part of HIM Chronicles project - a book dedicated to the group, with a bunch of photos, interviews and more other interesting things. As with the first book will be released only 499 copies in German. Released in May of this year, pre-orders can be made here. Price of the book 40 euros including shipping.

UPD: full PDF-version of the book added to our library, hurry up to get it to your collection!

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     10.12.2017Overview of performances in Europe. Part 1.

Обзор выступлений в Европе. Часть 1.

The Farewell tour is in full swing and inexorably approaching its finale. While the band with the speed of light is racing through Europe, we have prepared another photo and video report in full news.

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     09.12.2017Overview of performances in Russia

Обзор выступлений в России

When words are not needed. Three farewell concerts in Russia. Photos, videos and our impressions in full news

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     20.11.2017Overview of performances in USA and Canada. Part 4.

Обзор выступлений в Северной Америке и Канаде. Часть 4.

19 concerts, 14 states, Mexico and Canada! A month after the start of the Farewell Tour, the final race for American cities ended in New York. In the history of the band, these were the last concerts in America. And in full news you will find some photos and videos.

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     11.11.2017Overview of performances in USA. Part 3.

Обзор выступлений в Северной Америке. Часть 3.

Another fresh selection of photos and videos of the American part of the Farewell Tour awaits you in full news.

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     05.11.2017Overview of performances in USA and Mexico. Part 2.

Обзор выступлений в Северной Америке и Мексике. Часть 2.

We have prepared for you a new selection of photos and videos from the new concerts of the group in the Farewell Tour. This time HIM visited Salt Lake City, Denver, Houston and Dallas, and also looked in Mexico City! All the details in full news.

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     30.10.2017Second video of Hallatar project and album release

Hallatar band, which includes a well-known Gus Lipstick, released first album No Stars Upon the Bridge on October 20 and a new video for the song My Mistake. You can get a physical copy of the album here in a variety of ways, and an mp3 album can be easily purchased in the apple store or google play market. You can listen album online on Yandex.Music service.

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